Right now, more than ever, it is crucial to rebuild your credit score if you've had trouble with it in the past. The unfortunate thing about rebuilding your credit score is that you may not be aware of everything that your credit score impacts, so you are just reaping the results of having a less than optimal credit.

To help you gain a little more understanding on why it is critical to have a good credit score, here are the top 10 reasons to rebuild your credit score;

1. Stop Wasting Money On Extra Interest - the lower your credit score, the higher your interest rates are. This can mean paying thousands of dollars extra each and every year for the same exact things that others with better credit pay much less on.

2. Get Approved For Loans Much Easier - it's a fact that lenders will be more lenient on individuals with a higher credit score because they have a higher chance of getting their money back on time.

3. Pay Less On Your Auto Insurance - not only do insurance companies look at your driving and accident records, they even look at your credit history. Statistics show that people who are responsible with their money have a smaller chance of filing insurance claims.

4. Borrow Money At 0 Percent Interest - if you are going to borrow money, why not borrow it interest free, right! These offers are only extended to people with a proven track record of making their payments on time and having low balances on their cards.

5. Keep More Of Your Money - when you have a lower credit score, then you are always required to put a much bigger down payment on purchases like a car or a house. The lender isn't willing to take on the risk without a sizable amount of collateral.

6. Be Favored Over Others - if you are looking to get a lease on an apartment, having good credit can give you the advantage over other tenants with less than perfect credit scores. Believe me when I tell you that the last thing landlords are looking to do is chase down the rental payment every single month as opposed to having it in the mailbox on the first of the month.

7. Get A Green Light On That New Job - many times, new applicants go through background checks and screenings. Part of the background check includes your credit profile and history. There are many cases that people get turned down for a new position due to bad credit because it is looked at as lack of discipline and responsibility.

8. Achieve The American Dream - one of the biggest reasons that you want to rebuild your credit score is to be in the position to purchase your own home or upgrade to a bigger and better house. Without a good credit score, your options for home ownership become very limited, and in many cases, non-existent.

9. Good Credit Attracts Better Opportunities - think about it, without good credit, there aren't very many opportunities that come along for you to make money. Most people with bad credit don't have much money put away either. Opportunities always find the right person who can take advantage of them. With good credit, people will look for you to offer you opportunities to invest or buy at discounts because you are in the position to take advantage of them

10. Because You Owe It To Yourself - you owe it to yourself to pay the absolute lowest on everything you borrow. You owe it to yourself to save and invest the money that you would be spending on higher interest or fees due to a lower credit score. You owe it to yourself to have the absolute best lifestyle available to those who have control of their credit and finances.

So there you have it, the top 10 reasons to rebuild your credit. There is much more that a good credit score can do for you, but hopefully these examples were enough for you to realize it that it is critical to your life and your finances to rebuild your credit score.

Alex Navas is a financial coach who writes informative articles on various subjects including credit scoring and credit repair. You can download his free report "Credit Secrets Special Report" just by clicking Raise Your Credit Score